There’s no limit to how much you can earn

How to Earn More $$

“You can still play the game. But hustle. Don’t rob.”

Set and Stick With Your Price

“Sex workers: Don’t go cheap! You are valuable! Check other sex worker’s rates to see what your earning potential can be!” “Stay true to your price.” "When lap dancing, never rub their laps continuously until you get as much money as they have. If they come in their pants, they will go home! You want them to stay erect a long time and buy more dances from you."

If you’re new to the industry or to a particular part of the industry,
find out what the going rates are so you know what to charge for your
expertise. Adjust that rate, if you like, to something you’re
comfortable with, without undercutting too much. If you charge more
than the going rate, you may get fewer or wealthier clients. Choose the
rate and clientele that suit you best. Decide what your time is worth
and stick to it.


You can upsell with toys, services, panties, lipsticks, and dirty talk,
among other things. Get creative! Upsell but try not to push your
customers’ limits. Don’t hold back on what you agreed just to take more
time than you agreed to or you could make them angry. They won’t come
back, and they might think all sex workers do this.

Ask for a Tip

If you feel a client is very satisfied, ask for a tip for your excellent work.

Offer promo during your show. As soon as someone tips, pick up a poster or a t shirt and give it to the tipper. This will encourage others in the audience to tip too.

If you work for an agency that takes a cut of your fee,
charge money for extras (anything above and beyond what is covered by
the fee). Sell calendars or playing cards and offer them often Don't feel bad about asking for the sale Most clients are aware that this is standard practice by agency workers.

Get Regulars and Keep 'Em

“Stand with your head held high, like you’re proud. You get treated better and picked up sooner.”

To keep them coming back, treat customers with respect. Make a point of
learning their names, saying hello to them, and chatting with them about
subjects you’ve discussed in the past.

Better yet, keep a database with their names, phone numbers, enjoyed activities, and special kinks. Clients are more likely to return if they think you’ll remember them or that you have a special place for them in your heart.

Maintain an online profile where regulars can find you and keep in touch with you.

Learn New Skills

“Keep them turned on with hot photos or movie clips. Set up times to do online web cam shows with the option of phone sex. Then he can get off while at the office, and you keep him thinking about you.”

Depending on your area of the industry, learn new skills. For instance, you can learn different types of massage, female ejaculation, pole dancing,
BDSM, and/or other kinky activities. The more you can offer, the more
versatile of a service provider / entertainer you’ll be.

Sex Them Up

“The more cliché lines I used the faster the client would finish.” “I was turned out by an old school madam who taught me how to offer very reasonable, safe services in a way that would be sexy for the client.” “The best attitude to have is ‘always horny’!”

Clients like dirty talk and compliments. Make them feel attractive. Boost
their egos. Make them feel like “king for an hour.” Be genuine,
flirty, compassionate, and confident. Behaving ditzy can sometimes up your bank too.

Update Everything

Update your photos and ads often. Update your wardrobe and equipment/toys. New sexy lingerie, a naughty nurse costume perhaps? Keep the fantasies alive and versatile.

Be Professional

Be responsible and reliable. Repeat business is better than a lot of one-timers. Be on time and keep a recurring schedule.

Care About Your Appearance

To maximize your earning potential, it helps to look and feel good, keep your nails manicured, maintain a neat hairstyle, meditate, exercise and put on makeup before going to work.

There's a wide range of acceptable body types in
this business. Some sex industry workers, such as exotic dancers, are
not required to be model-thin to get work, but should look reasonably
fit and toned.

It also helps to invest in quality costumes and lingerie. Try to look as clean and polished as possible when working.

Make Safe Sex Fun

Learn how to put a condom on a banana with your mouth and other sexy techniques that increase your health and safety. You are an adult play facilitator. Play strip poker, dirty charades, truth or dare as ice breakers. Guys love girly girls who like to play.

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